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The Hill Country Village  Municipal Court is a court of record and handles all class C misdemeanor traffic and City Ordinance violations.  Municipal Court is held on the third Thursday of the month and is located inside City Hall.  Check in time is 10 a.m., and the Judge will begin at 11:00 a.m.

A mandatory court appearance is required for all defendants under 17 years old. A parent or guardian MUST accompany you. Failure to appear by a parent is a Class C misdemeanor and may be fined up to $200.00.

 You may be able to handle your citation before your court date. You must appear either in person, by mail, through an attorney or by submitted a request for a Driving Safety Course or a request for Deferred Disposition . A telephone call does not constitute an appearance.

If you would like to plea NOT GUILTY you must appear at the court date listed on your citation and make the plea in court.  You will have the option to discuss the case with the prosecutor first if you wish to seek resolution.  If no resolution is made, you may choose to have your citation heard by either a Jury or a Non-Jury trial.

Please note: The Municipal Court clerks cannot make judgments on any of the cases processed. They also cannot give legal advice or dismiss cases as those are the duties of the prosecutors and the judge. The clerks will assist you in any way possible to process paperwork and provide information.

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Attorney Information

If you are representing a client on a case you will need to submit a letter of representation to the court. This can be done by email or fax. Please include plea and how you would like to proceed with the citation. Further info will be given once the clerks receive a LOR.


If you missed your court date a pre-warrant notice will be issued. Failure to appear at the pre-warrant hearing may result in a warrant issued for your arrest. When citations become an active warrant, several things will happen:

  • The court will attempt to contact you by telephone to inform you of the situation
  • Your warrant and citation will be given to a Hill Country Village Police Officer, who will make a courtesy attempt to contact you by phone, to inform you of the warrant and provide direction on resolution.  Warrant officers WILL NOT seek to collect payment from you, you will coordinate payment with the court itself. Warrant officers have no authority to change or reduce any fines assessed against a violator, only the judge can adjust fines.
  • The active warrant will be reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety and an FTA (Failure to Pay) hold will be placed on your drivers license preventing renewal of your drivers license until the warrant is cleared.
  • The active warrant will be reported to our Third Party Warrant Redemption Vendor for collection services and a 30% collection fee will be added.