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On May 18th, 2006 the Hill Country Village Police Officers Association presented a plaque to the citizens of Hill Country Village honoring one of their own who had fallen.

SrSgt Joseph P. Moseley joined the ranks of the Hill Country Village Police Department in August of 1990 and quickly progressed through the ranks. Joe achieved the rank of Senior Patrolman in January 1994 and then the rank of Corporal in October of that same year. Joe continued to thrive within the department as he was promoted to Sergeant less than a year later. Finally in September of 1997 Joseph Moseley was promoted to the rank of Senior Sergeant, which he maintained until his untimely death on February 27th, 2000.

SrSgt Moseley was a vital member of the police department exercising his expertise on numerous occasions. Joe’s most notorious achievement occurred in May of 1999 when SrSgt Moseley was monitoring radio traffic as a manhunt was on for a suspect vehicle involved in several aggravated assaults in a nightclub parking lot in San Antonio. One of the victims of these assaults was an off-duty Terrill Hills Police Officer who was working a security detail at the nightclub. The off-duty officer attempted to stop the vehicle after witnessing other assaults occur and in the officers attempt, he was ultimately struck by the vehicle and suffered life-threatening injuries. SrSgt Moseley was monitoring vehicle traffic within the boundaries of his jurisdiction when he observed the suspect vehicle approaching him. SrSgt Moseley then began a brief vehicle pursuit, which eventually ended in a felony traffic stop and the arrest of the aggravated assault suspect. The suspect was eventually found guilty of his crimes and sentenced to prison.

Joe was a true friend to all who knew him, but most of all Joe was a great “cop”. Joe lived and breathed law enforcement and was a mentor for all. Joe is and always will be greatly missed by his fellow co-workers and friends; his sudden death affected us all. Joe’s memorial plaque is proudly displayed on the walls of the city hall foyer for all to see. Please take a couple moments out of your busy schedules to stop by city hall and pay your own personal respects to SrSgt Joseph P. Moseley.