Public Works

Public Works Staff: Vicente Macias

The Public Works Department oversees the preventative maintenance of safe and efficient roadways and Right-of-Ways within city limits, the city’s facilities maintenance, animal control, and solid waste services.

Animal Control

Animal Control is governed largely by the City’s Animal Control Ordinance which prohibits animals from running at-large. The City also has a “Dangerous Dog” ordinance which prohibits a dog from attacking another animal or person. Any violations of these ordinances may constitute a fine payable by the owner. Should you require Animal Control Services during business hours, contact City Hall at 210-494-3671. After hours, contact the Police Patrol phone at 210-494-6111.


Public Works has only one cage and cannot trap wild animals any longer. Two companies that can help you are Tru Tech Inc, 210-224-3005, or Critter Control of San Antonio, 210-499-4225.

Coyote Information

Solid Waste Services

Waste Management handles all solid waste pickup for common household waste in the municipality’s residential districts. Waste pickup is scheduled for Tuesday and Friday. Place all items at the edge of the street by 8 a.m. the day of pickup.

Recycling of plastics, cans, bottles, cardboard and newspaper/magazines is scheduled for Tuesday.

In addition to your Tuesday recycling day magazines and paper can be recycled any day of the week by placing them in the dumpster provided by Paper Retriever located at the front of City Hall.

Waste pickup in the business district is made directly between the business and Waste Management.

Waste Management also has a website which includes information on recycling.  The website is

For more on recycling please click this link.×11-Glass_r2.pdf

For questions regarding service, call Waste Management at 210-368-5000.