The Business District Construction Review Board (BDCRB) was created in Ordinance 929, which revised the Zoning Code of Hill Country Village and is charged with overseeing construction and design in the business districts. With the revision of the sign regulations, the BDCRB is also charged with hearing variances to the sign code.

For sign variance request: Please use the Sign Variance request form here. The fee is $600.

For new construction in the business district: View the BDCRB Application. The cost for application to the BDCRB is $600.

Regular Members

Steve Marceau (Chair)

Term expires May 2023

Gary Wilhelm

Term expires May 2024

Ben Culpepper

Term expires November 2023

Tom Doyle

Term expires November 2023

Heather Chandler

Term expires August 2024

Devin Cox

Term expires July 2024


Term expires