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The Hill Country Village Homeowners Association is an active group of our residents organized to, as stated in its bylaws, “foster a feeling of community in the Village by having a citizenry that is informed and involved in the issues that affect the welfare of all.” Through its communications, magazines, and social gatherings, homeowners can feel connected to each other in our community and to the officials we elect to govern us.

General membership meetings are open to all property owners, held usually each spring and fall. Past meetings have been devoted to lively Q&A forums before mayoral and city council elections; zoning and development issues; and building awareness of local landscape, water, recycling and animal ordinances.

The HOA jointly publishes an informative monthly magazine with Neighborhood Networks Publishing that is mailed to each homeowner. A homeowner’s telephone directory is distributed every two years.

Just for fun … the HOA sponsors an adult holiday party; cookies with Santa; and an annual walk/run for all our families, children and city employees.

The HOA is a non-profit group, managed by its elected officers and an executive committee, and is incorporated in the state of Texas. Annual dues are just $60 and are paid on a calendar-year basis.

Share your talents with all of us! If something interests you, contact the head of the committee and offer your time (phone numbers are in the Residential Directory and the newsletter).

The HOA is a separate entity from the City of Hill Country Village. Listing on this site is a courtesy to the HOA by the City

The 2022-2024 Governing Board of the Homeowners Association


President Brian Skop skopb@aol.com skopb@aol.com
Vice President Tyler Willmann tylerwwillmann@kw.com
Secretary Barbara Durand-Hollis bdurandhollis@aol.com
Treasurer William Scott billscottcpa@msn.com


Sandi Wilhem  sandi@mequiteinteriorslp.com

Kimberly Blackburn  kwblackburn@satx.rr.com

Laine Smith  laine.smith@att.net

Angie Calvey  jjciimom@aol.com

Allison Greer  agreer@chcsbc.org

Greg Blasko  gregblasko@swbell.net

Ayla Rahmberg  aylarahmberg@gmail.com

Sarah H. Ojeda  skess84@gmail.com

Alison Bagley  alison.bagley@yahoo.com

Won’t you join us?

Mail your dues in the amount of $60 to:
Checks should be made out to HCV-HOA

Treasurer William Scott
Hill Country Village Homeowners Association

16403 Hidden View

San Antonio, Texas 78232