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Board of Directors

Doug Boom – President

Term expires May 2024

Lonnie Wulfe – Vice President

Term expires May 2024

Greg Blasko – Treasurer

Term expires May 2024

Carl A. Register-Secretary

Term expires May 2024

John Dulske

Term expires May 2024

Gabriel Durand-Hollis, Mayor – Ex-Officio Director

Frank Morales, Jr. – Ex-Officio Director/Executive Director

The Hill Country Village Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is a “4B” corporation and is a separate organization from the City. The EDC was organized for the purposes of benefiting and accomplishing the public purposes of the City or on behalf of the City for the financing of projects for the promotion and development of commercial, industrial, and manufacturing enterprises and to promote and encourage the health, safety, and public welfare. The corporation is organized pursuant to the Development Corporation Act of 1979 and Article 5190.6, § 4B, Revised Civil Statutes of the State of Texas as amended.

Please reference the side bar to the right to see Agendas/Minutes.


State Law:
Development Corporation Act

Business owners or operators:

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