Board of Adjustment

The City of Hill Country Village Board of Adjustment exists to hear requests for variances to the terms of the zoning ordinance consistent with the spirit of the ordinance or cases which, if enforced, would cause unnecessary hardship to the property owner.

Section of the Zoning Code pertaining to the Board of Adjustment.

The application for a variance to the Zoning Code.

Board Members are selected for two-year terms.

Regular Members

Lonnie Wulfe – Chair

Term expires September 2020

Matt Riley

Term expires August 2021


Term expires August 2019

Hal Bonewits

Term expires August 2021

Robert Myers

Term expires September 2021

John Dulske

Term expires May 2021

Doug Boom

Term expires May 2021

 Jay Eddy

Term Expires May 2021

Frank Morales

Ex-Officio Member