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Animal Control is governed mainly by the City’s Animal Control Ordinance which prohibits animals from running at large. The City also has a “Dangerous Dog” ordinance which prohibits a dog from attacking another animal or person. Any violations of these ordinances may constitute a fine payable by the owner. Should you require Animal Control Services during business hours, contact City Hall at 210-494-3671. After hours, contact the Police Dispatch at 210-335-6000.

The City allows for a reasonable amount of domestic animals on your property. The city does not allow exotic animals. No animal shall be bred or boarded for commercial gain within the corporate city limits of Hill Country Village.

All pets MUST be registered with the City of Hill Country Village. Pet registration is essential for the city and helps identify your pet if the pet becomes lost.

The lifetime registration fee for each domestic animal is $5. Pet registration and tags can be purchased at City Hall during business hours Monday – Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Owners MUST present current vaccinations and a picture of each pet. Obtain a registration form at City Hall.

Animals must be restrained by a leash, chain, cord, or rope when off the property. If a dog is found running at large it will be impounded and the owner may be cited for this violation. A fee is assessed for impounding an animal.

Animal at Large – Violation Fine (Leash Law)

  • 1st offense- $100.00 plus Court Cost
  • 2nd offense- $200.00 plus Court Cost
  • 3rd offense- $300.00 plus Court Cost

Pet Impoundment fee

  • 1st offense- $35.00
  • 2nd offense- $50.00
  • 3rd offense- $100.00

The above fees are per Hill Country Village Fiscal Year