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The General and Administrative Department provides professional management support and analysis to City Council, the overall managing and governing body for the City, the Board of Adjustment, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and the Economic Development Corporation. This department includes the budget for the City Administrator, the Building Inspector, Municipal Court, City Engineer, and the City Attorney. Additionally, contracts and Interlocal agreements for items such as Fire and Emergency Medical Services are handled through this department.


City Administrator: Frank Morales

The mission of the City Administrator’s Office is to support the City Council in the development and evaluation of policy by assembling and analyzing data and making recommendations; to provide leadership and directions to employees in implementation of policies, programs and daily operations; and, to ensure that the City of Hill Country Village government provides the municipal services and infrastructure necessary for a high quality of life for our citizens, in a fiscally responsible manner.

City Engineer:  Thomas Turk

The City Engineer serves as the chief officer of City Council regarding construction and modification of road, water, and utility structures within the City limits. The position is also responsible for managing the constructing and maintenance plan of a safe and efficient system of roadways and bridges. Subdivision plat review in the City’s Extraterritorial Jurisdiction and within corporate limits allows for the orderly development of properties. The City Engineer also works closely with the Police Department in conducting traffic analysis and formulating recommendations to the City Council. The City Engineer is a statutory position.

City Attorney: Marc J. Schnall

 The City Attorney serves as chief counsel to the City Council regarding codes and ordinances within the city limits and—in some cases—the City’s Extraterritorial Jurisdiction. The position serves as chief counsel for any litigation brought to the City or pursued by the City.

Building Inspector: Bruce Bealor

 The Building Inspector serves as the chief inspection and enforcement officer of City regarding construction and modification of business and residential structures and facilities within the city limits. In the City’s Extraterritorial Jurisdiction, the Building Inspector is responsible for enforcement of the City’s sign ordinance and construction code. Generally, standardized codes used by the City include the 2003 International Code Set and the 1999 National Electric Code. All parties wishing to do business in the City must contact City Hall for the current code. Mr. Bealor was appointed Building Inspector October 16, 2003.