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We want to hear from you, HCV! Mark your calendars for Thursday, June 8, 2023 at 5:30 pm to attend a community input meeting where city hall architects want your ideas about the new city hall building.

The City of Hill Country Village has selected LPA as its architectural and engineering services provider for the potential construction of a new city hall facility to be located at the existing city hall location at 116 Aspen Lane.

LPA will gather information from several meetings with HCV residents and city staff in order to prepare schematic designs and a cost estimate for the city council.

Each meeting’s agenda and scope of topics has been set by LPA.

A community input meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 8, 2023 at 5:30 pm at Hill Country Village City Hall, 116 Aspen Lane, Hill Country Village, Texas 78232.

All meetings will be open to the public. Minutes will be taken and published on the city website or available for review in person at city hall.

A City Hall Committee consisting of HCV residents and city staff will attend each meeting and serve as points of contact for community questions or feedback.

Meeting Schedule:



Date / Time

Scope / Agenda

Visioning Workshop





·      Review previous conceptual plans developed in 2016

·      Discuss staff needs and study adjacencies

·      Understand the city is using space currently and what may be improved

·      Understand the gifts and constraints of the site.

·      Discuss any goals around sustainability

·      Review precedent imagery and thought starter questions

·      Discuss what makes the HCV community unique and how this facility can serve them better

Community Engagement Meeting




LPA will engage with the HCV community to gain an understanding about their vision for City Hall and show them the conceptual plans that have been developed.

Present Master Plan to Community (during special session of City Council)




LPA will present the updated conceptual plans with any updates needed after the Community Engagement meeting. LPA will also be prepared to present a preliminary budget.

City Hall Committee Meeting





The second committee meeting would cover the following:

·      Outcomes of the Community Engagement meeting

·      Outcomes of the Master Plan presentation to the community and City Council

·      Review updated Conceptual Site Plan:

·         Site plan

·         Floor plan

·         Renderings

·         Material Palettes

·         Building Systems

·         Cost Updates

City Hall Committee Meeting






·      Site plan

·      Floor plan

·      Renderings

·      Material Palettes

·      Building Systems

·      Cost Updates

Present schematic design and cost estimate to the HCV Community

(during regular session of City Council)




LPA will present a Schematic Design as well as the updated cost estimate to HCV residents and City Council.

In order to control costs, each meeting is scheduled in set blocks of time where any time overruns are billable to the city and its taxpayers. To avoid these additional costs, members of the public who may be interested in attending meetings where public feedback is not part of the agenda set by LPA are asked and encouraged to provide feedback to their city council representatives, city staff and/or provide their feedback prior to or after each meeting.